Winter & Spring Tours of Chitral Valley 11 Days & 10 Nights

Chitral is situated on the North Western region of Pakistan in the province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP).

Capital city of this valley is Chitral, Chitral River is the main water artery that is flowing through this valley. Before Pakistan, Chitral was a princely state, which annexed into Pakistan after an agreement between the Prince Muzzafar-ul-Haq of Chitral & Pakistan Government in 1947.

But the history of Chitral is much older and can be traced back to the times of Alexander The Great when he passed through this area in 3rd century CE and some of this troops settled here. Kalasha Tribes here claimed themselves as their decedents, and this can be a true claim when we see their features which are more European rather than Subcontinental races. Late, in the Kanishka period when the Buddhist rulers of Kushan empire settled here.

Like its rich history, Chitral is also rich in its culture, geography & landscapes. Infect due to these reasons Princess of Wales Lady Diana visited here in 1991 & after 28 years her son Duke of Cambridge Prince William & his wife Princess Kate visited here and appraised the beauty of this area.

Hindukush Range is separating Chitral from Afghanistan & have 7 peaks in Pakistan area which are above 6000 meters and the highest one is Trichmir (7,708 meters). Pamir Mountains in the North of Chitral is separating it from Afghanistan & Central Asia . In its east it connects with the Gilgit Baltistan through Shandur and Karambar Passes.

Lest come and explore and this valley.

Tour is designed for all age groups and for the winter & spring seasons. In this tour you will enjoy the metropolitan, rural, cultural, natural & landscape beauties of Pakistan.

Tour will start from Islamabad which is the capital of Pakistan. Islamabad became the capital of Pakistan in 1960. Islamabad is located in the foothills of Margala Hills which is the part of Himalayan Range. Islamabad is a beautiful blend of modern lifestyle and ancient history which can be traced back from the Buddhist Period.

From Islamabad we will go to Chitral Valley by road. Chitral Valley is famous of its cultural & natural beauty. We will enter into the Chitral Valley through Lowari Tunnel. Journey through Chitral Valley is through the barren mountains, but the villages in the foothills of mountains will be lush green and roads are winding through the mountains and along the Chitral River & its tributaries.

Ancient tribal cultural villages of Kalasha Tribes (Ayun, Bamburet, Rumbur & Birir) are the villages where you will find ancient Pagan Religion. These tribes claim themselves the decedent of Alexander the Great. Their costumes, culture, festivals & folk dances are very colorful.  Festivals of Kalasha tribes are based on weathers thus they have three festivals every year when celebrates the arrival of Spring Season by celebrating Chilum Joshi, Uchal festival to welcome Summer Season & Choimus Festival to welcome Winter Season. Every year millions of tourists from Pakistan & abroad come here to enjoy these festivals.

Beyond Kalasha Valley, Chitral Valley offers many beautiful landscapes with beautiful green villages lofty snow-covered peaks & beautiful lakes.

<p>Our staff will welcome you at Islamabad airport & all the guests will be transferred to the hotels. After hotel check-in all the guests will go to their rooms for rest.</p><p>As this day if mainly depending upon the flight arrival time therefore it can be altered accordingly.</p><p>The guests who will arrive early morning will be taken to half day city tour of Islamabad in the evening and will cover Faisal Mosque and Saidpur Village for dinner.</p><p>Guests who will arrive on late evening or night flights will be take rest and will have dinner in the hotel.</p><p></p>

<p>Departure from Islamabad to Nagar</p><p>Early in the morning we will leave Islamabad at around 06:00 AM, on the way we will make one-hour stopover at Mardan for breakfast and one-hour stopover at Dir for lunch. After lunch we will resume our journey and will reach at Nagar Fort at around 05:30 PM, after passing through Lowari Tunnel. Here we will make an overnight stay in Nagar Fort Hotel. After hotel check-in we will have time to explore the beauty of Nagar surrounded by the mountains and river flowing near it.</p><p>Dinner will be served at around 08:00 PM</p><p></p>

<p>Breakfast will be served at 08:00 AM. After having breakfast, we will check-out from the hotel and will start our 3rd day’s journey at around 09:00 AM. From Nagar Fort we will move to Ayun which is a small beautiful village on the confluence of Bamburet River. Here our stay will be approximately one hour. From Ayun we will move to our first Kalasha village Bumburet. Bumburet is the largest populated village among the three Kalasha village. We will reach here at around 01:30 PM. After Hotel Check-in we will have lunch and time to explore the beauty and culture of Kalash Valley. </p><p>If we will be in the valley from 15th to 22nd December 2019 then you will have chance to enjoy the Choimus Festival. Local Kalasha tribes celebrate this festival to welcome winter. During this festival people of Kalash perform ritual folk dances, sacrifice animals, pray and enjoy their traditional foods.</p><p>If we will be in the valley from the 13th of May to 16th of May this will be the chance to enjoy Chilum Joshi festival, which they celebrate to welcome spring season. During this festival men and women of the tribes meet and find spouses and do traditional dances on their folk music & pray from God for the safety & prosperity of their fields & animal live stocks.</p><p>After enjoying their festivals in case if we will there during the celebration time or in rest of the times we will be able to enjoy their traditional colorful dresses & customs. After this we will come back to hotel.</p><p>Dinner will be served at around 08:00 PM</p><p></p>

<p>We will have breakfast at around 08:00 AM and after breakfast we will move out to explore more about Kalash Valley, here we will go to the ancient burial ground where once these tribes leave their dead’s on ground in the coffin boxes rather then to burry them, but this culture is no more been practiced here these days. We will also go to a school beside the Heritage Museum in Bamburet where the locals teach their children about their heritage & history beside the regular curriculum. We will also visit nearby village of Rambur which is less touristic destination but has more scenic beauty beside its cultural heritage. Will have our lunch here and in the evening, we will be back to Bumburet Village.</p><p>Today we will enjoy BBQ & Bon Fire after 08:30 PM</p><p></p>

<p>After having breakfast, at around 09:00 AM, we will check-out from the hotel and move towards Chitral Gol National Park, this will be approximately 3 hour’s drive through Chitral Town. We will reach Chitral Gol National Park at around 12:00 AM. Chitral Gol National Park was the private property of Mehtars (Prince) of Chitral until 1983, when it was taken over by the government of Pakistan and declared as National Park. This National Park covers 7750 hectares area and its top point is 5000 meters above the sea level & lowest point is 1450 meters above the sea level. Chitral Gol National Park is the habitat of many wild life species like, Ibex, Snow Leopard, Urail, Black Bears, Wolves, Foxes and many other. Big grassy grazelands with snowy peaks specially Trichmir Mountain in the background enhance the beauty to its natural landscapes.</p><p>Here our stay will be will be two hours and we will move back from here to Chitral Town at around 02:00 PM. Ultimately, we will reach Chitral City at around 03:00 PM. Here after hotel check-in we will have free time to explore Chitral Town or to take rest.</p><p>Chitral Town is no less beautiful than any other mountain town. Shahi Masjid, Chitral Fort &Chitral Museum are the main attractions of this town.</p><p>Dinner will be served at around 08:00 PM</p><p></p>

<p>After having breakfast, we will check-out from the hotel at around 09:00 AM and will move towards another exciting place of our journey, named Garam Chasma (Hot Water Spring). Garam Chasma is about 4 hours drive from Chitral Town.</p><p>This place is famous because of its hot water springs, which is enriched with Sulphur and other minerals and has natural healing properties specially against skin diseases. Hot waters of spring are hot enough to swim even in winters. Here we will reach at around 01:00 PM and after hotel check-in, we will have our lunch & time to take bath in a hot water pool & to explore the lush green valley around.</p><p>Dinner will be served at around 08:00 PM</p><p></p>

<p>Breakfast will be served at around 07:00 AM, after that we will check-out from the hotel and move towards Mastuj at 08:00 AM. In the first leg of our journey we will reach on a road near chitral town and route towards north of Chitral Mastuj Road. On the way we will make a stopover at Booni Village for lunch. Journey to Mastuj is beautiful journey through rugged mountains and along the lush green villages beside the Mastuj River, views of Trichmir, Booni Zoom mountains adds the beauty to the landscape. We will reach Mastuj at 04:00 PM. Here after hotel check-in we will have time to explore Mastuj.</p><p>Mastuj is one of the most beautiful town of Chitral Valley here we will enjoy the ruins of an old fort and the lush green fields the views of snow-covered peaks all around.</p><p> Dinner will be served at around 08:00 PM</p><p></p>

<p>Breakfast will be served at around 08:00 AM. After having breakfast, we will check-out from the hotel and start our journey at around 09:00 AM. Mastuj will be the final most destination of our journey from here our return journey will start. Following the same Chitral Mastuj Road along the Mastuj River we will reach Chitral at around 02:00 PM. Here after hotel check-in we will have our lunch. After lunch all guests will have free time to shop or visit Chitral Town.</p><p>Dinner will be served at around 08:00 PM</p><p></p>

<p>Breakfast will be served at around 08:00 AM. After having breakfast, we will check-out from the hotel and start our journey at 09:00 AM. Our first stopover will be Dir where we will have our lunch at around 01:00 PM. After lunch we will resume our journey at around 02:00 PM.</p><p>We will reach Islamabad at around 08:00 PM, where after hotel check-in we will have our dinner at around 08:30 PM.</p><p></p>

<p>This will be our relaxed day because we do not have to cover longer distances, therefore after having breakfast we will move out for Islamabad City Tour at around 09:00 AM.</p><p>Our first stopover will be Shakarparyan, which was once the famous iconic landmark of Islamabad, because here many world-famous world leaders planted trees. Here our stay will be 30 minutes. From here we will go to Pakistan Monument & History Museum. Pakistan Monument is the new iconic landmark of Islamabad. Here in the Pakistan History Museum one can see beautifully sculptured history from the advents of Arabs and Islam in the region till the creation of Pakistan. Here our stay will be 1 hour & 30 minutes. From here we will move out to a local restaurant for lunch. Lunch time will be 1 hour. After having lunch, we will move to Shah Alladita caves to see the caves which were once used by Buddhists monks for meditation and later by Hindus, before the existence of Pakistan. From here we will move to Centaurus Mall where we will have time for shopping and dinner.</p><p>At around 09:30 PM we will move back to hotel for overnight stay.</p><p></p>

<p>Schedule of final day is all depends on the flight departure time from Islamabad.</p><p>Those guests who will have flights early morning will check-out from the hotel after having breakfast and move to Islamabad International airport, where our staff will see off all the guests.</p><p>Those who will have late evening of late-night flights will be taken to half day city tour after breakfast.</p><p>Here we will cover Faisal Mosque & Saidpur Village where we will have our lunch.</p><p>At around 03:30 PM we will reach our hotel & take rest or pack our luggage and finally move to airport based on the flight time.</p><p>This will be the end of our tour.</p><p></p>


  • 1- Visa assistance where required.
  • 2- Airport pick & drop.
  • 3- Hotel accommodation on twin sharing basis. (Hotel star rating will depend upon the customer or package)
  • 4- Comfortable air conditioned luxury transport, fuel & tolls.
  • 5- All 3 meals per day.
  • 6- 1 mineral water bottle per day per guest.
  • 6- Entry tickets.
  • 7- English speaking tour guide
  • 8- Taxes
  • 9- Basic First Aid
  • Optional:
  • 1- Private security guards
  • 2- Personal Insurance


  • 1- Visa Fee
  • 2- Air tickets
  • 3- Insurance
  • 4- Ironing & laundry.
  • 5- Cold drinks, tea, coffee, liqueur or anything which is not the part of package meals.
  • 6- Anything ordered from Room Service
  • 7-Any personal shopping.
  • 8- Anything not the part of package mentioned above.
  • 9- Rescue cost in case of any accident or mishap, which will be divided on each guest on reciprocal basis.
  • 10- Tips

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Winter & Spring Tours of Chitral Valley 11 Days & 10 Nights