8 Days & 7 Nights Sikh Yatra in Pakistan

“Those who have loved are those you have found God”

(Guru Nanak)

Guru Nanak Dev Ji is an important figure in the history of Subcontinent who created religious harmony among the religions in Subcontinent.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji was born in 1469 in a village near Lahore, named Rai Bhoi Ki Talvandi, present days name is Nanka Sahib (named after Guru Nanak). Nanak was born to a Hindu family. His father Mehta Kalu & mother Mata Tripata had two siblings Bibi Nanki and Nanak Dev. According to the Hindu tradition his father took him to an astrologist, who immediately predicted that Nanak will be an extraordinary child. Nanak Sahab was inclined towards religions and studied Islam & Hinduism in detail. His religious philosophy which was an extract of both religions had attracted many followers of Hindu & Muslim faiths and he has converted many locals to Sikh Religion. Sikh Religion is now the fifth largest religion of the world. Its Followers are spread all over the world.

Pakistan being the birth place & death place of Guru Nanak Dev Ji is the most sacred place for Sikhs religion followers. Gurdwara Janumasthan in Nankana Sahib has the most significance in Sikh religion. Nankana Sahib has nine Gurdwara including Gurdwara Janumasthan.

Recently opened Gurdwara of Kirtharpur is now the worlds largest Gurdwara and most historical significance because Guru Nanak has spent his last 18 years before his death. Here Baba Guru Nanak has given his three golden principles Kirat Karo, Naam Japo and Wand Chako. This Gurdwara is just 4 km away from Indian Border.

Third most important Gurdwara in Pakistan is Gurdwara Punja Sahib in Hassan Abdal. Importance of Gurdwara is because of the hand print of Baba Guru Nanak on a rock. According to the Sikh Religion, when Baba Guru Nanak Dev Ji and his fellow Bhai Mardana came here along with their devotees and were reciting Kirtan under a tree. Baba Guru Nanak sent Bhai Mardana to a local saint Shah Wali Qandhari for the water for the gathering. His request was refused by Shah Wali Qandhari, 3 times. Everybody was thirsty and were annoyed with the attitude of Shah Wali Qandhari. Upon this Baba Guru Nanak pushed a rock laying near him and from there a fresh water stream sprang out. This stream is still flowing and his handprint is still there on the rock. Seeing this miracle Shah Wali Qandhari also became his devotee.

Beside these historically related Gurdwaras which are directly related to Baba Guru Nanak life and his preaching, there are many other Gurdwaras which were constructed by the Gurus followed him and the Sikh Devotees.


Tour is designed for our Sikh Brothers around the world. Tour will be absolutely friendly for all ages. During this tour all Yatris will be taken to all major sacred places of Sikh Religion and other places which are historically important for them. Tour will start from Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan. Here guests will be able to visit the beautiful, lush green & modern city in the foothills of Himalayas. Next days will be important for Yatris when taken to the holy places Gurdwara Punja Sahib situated in Hassan Abdal near Islamabad. Main importance of this Gurdwara is the palm print of Baba Guru Nanak. In the next few days we will visit Gurdwara Junumasthan in Nankana Sahib, which is the birthplace of Baba Guru Nanak & Darbar Sahib in Kartharpur which is the death place of Baba Guru Nanak and is also the worlds largest Gurdwara. Beside these we will also visit Gurdwara Patti Sahib, Gurdwara Bal Lillah, Gurdwara Sucha Sauda, Gurdwara Rori Sahib, Gurdwara Guru Arjun Dev & Samadhi of Ranjeet Singh. As we know that we have shared a long history in this region and have many affiliations with the cities of our forefathers and who can deny the importance of Lahore for both. Still the roads buildings and air of Lahore have the same aroma where you can feel in the air and the faces of Lahore.

We hope that you will enjoy this tour.

Our staff will welcome you at Islamabad airport & all the guests will be transferred to the hotels. After hotel check-in all the guests will go to their rooms for rest.

As this day if mainly depending upon the flight arrival time therefore it can be altered accordingly.

The guests who will arrive early morning will be taken to half day city tour of Islamabad in the evening and will cover Faisal Mosque and Saidpur Village for dinner.

Guests who will arrive on late evening or night flights will be take rest and will have dinner in the hotel.

Breakfast will be served at around 08:00 AM. After breakfast we will move out at around 09:00 AM, to Hassan Abdal to visit Gurdwara Punja Sahib.

We will reach Gurdwara Punja Sahab at around 10:30 AM. Importance of Gurdwara Punja Sahib lies in the palm print, of Guru Nanak, on a rock. ee times. Everybody was thirsty and were annoyed with the attitude of Shah Wali Qandhari. Upon this Baba Guru Nanak pushed a rock laying near him and from there a fresh water stream sprang out. This stream is still flowing and his handprint is still there on the rock. Seeing this miracle Shah Wali Qandhari also became his devotee.

After Lungar we will be start moving back to Islamabad at around 03:00 PM.

We will reach Islamabad at 04:30 PM. After reaching Islamabad we will have some rest in the hotel and then will again move out at 08:00 PM for dinner at Monal, Pir Sohawa. Dinning at Monal will be an unique experience because view of Islamabad by night is most beautiful from here.

After dinner we will come back to hotel for overnight stay

We will make early start and will have breakfast at around 6:30 AM.

After breakfast we will check-out from the hotel and will depart, at around 08:00 AM, to Lahore via Motorway (M2). During this journey we will make a detour to 7th CE old Hindu Temple Ketas Raj, here our stay will be 1 Hour. From here we will go to Kallar Kahar where we will stop for lunch beside lake. Lunch stay will be 1 hour.

After lunch we will move to Khwera Salt Mine. Khwera Salt Mine is the world’s 2nd largest salt mine. Salt mine tour will be 1 Hour & 30 Minutes.

From salt mine we will move towards our final destination Lahore.

We will reach Lahore at around 08:30 PM.

After hotel check-in we will have dinner and go to our rooms.

We will have our breakfast at 07:00 AM and will move for Nankana Sahib at 08:00 AM. We will reach Nankana Sahib at around 09:45 AM. Here we will first visit the Gurdwara Junam Asthan, which is one of the highly esteemed Gurdwara constructed on the birthplace of Baba Guru Nanak . After visiting Gurdwara Junum Asthan. We will also visit Gurdwara Bal Lillah where Baba Guru Nanak used to play during his childhood & Gurdwara Patti Sahib where he was sent for the formal education. At around 01:00 PM Yatris will have Lungar. At around 02:00 PM we will leave Nankana Sahib and move towards Gurdwara Sucha Sauda. This Gurdwara is approximately almost at a drive of one hour from Nankana Sahib. This building was built by Maharaja Ranjit Singh in memory of Baba Guru Nanak's incident when Guru Nanak's father gave him Rs 20 and asked him to start a business, but when Guru Nanak was on the way he saw some Sadhus who were hungry and were having lack of clothing. Nanak being the emphatic soul could not resist this and he gave them food and clothing with that money and when his father asked where and how he spent the money which was given to him for the business? Nanak told him that he made a True Bargain (Sucha Sauda) with the Lord.

Here we will spend one hour and at the end we will move back to Lahore. We will reach Lahore at around 06:00 PM. After reaching Lahore we will have some rest in the hotel and later move out for dinner at around 08:00 PM.

After dinner we will return back to hotel.

Soon after breakfast at 07:00 AM we will leave Lahore at 08:00 AM, for the day trip of Gurdwara Rori Sahib & Gurdwara Darbar Sahib at Kirtharpur..

Our first stopover will be Gurdwara Rori Sahab in Eimanabad, where we will reach at about 10:00 AM. Here Baba Guru Nanak after the distraction of the town stayed here with Bhai Lalo and here he had to slept on the bed of pebble stone (Rori) & the army of Babar had arrested many locals along with Baba Guru Nanak. Here our stay will be one hour.

From Rori Sahib we will resume our journey at 11:00 PM and move towards Gurdwara Darbar Sahib at Kirtharpur.

We will reach Kirtharpur at around 02:30 PM. Here we will have lunch at Lungar and do prayers or rituals. Kirtharpur is the worlds largest Gurdwara. Importance of Kirtharpur is that Guru Nanak has spent his last 18 years of life here and cultivated this land and continued preaching . Its here where he has given his three main principles " Kirat Karo, Nam Japo, Wand Chako" . This Gurdwara is opened and constructed by the government of Pakistan in November for all Sikhs from around the world and the Sikhs from India can come here without visa. Here our stay will be two hours & thirty minutes. from here we will start or return journey to Lahore at around 04:30 PM.

We will reach Lahore at around 07:30 PM and on the way back we will have our dinner at Lahore Food Street. After having dinner we will move towards our hotel at around 09:00 PM. Finally we will reach hotel at around 09:30 PM.

Breakfast will be served at around 08:00 AM. After having breakfast we will move towards old Lahore city. Our first stopover will be The Greater Iqbal Park here we will reach at around 09:30 AM. The Greater Iqbal Park is a cluster of five historical places, named Minar-e-Pakistan, Gurdwara Dera Sahab resting of Guru Arjun Dev & Samadhdi of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, Lahore Fort, Badshahi Masjid & Tomb of Allama Iqbal.

Here we will start from the Gurdwara Dera Sahab & Samadhi of Rangit Singh & later on we will go to Lahore Fort, Badshahi Masjid, Tomb of Allama Iqbal. Our total visit time here will be three hours. Thereafter we will have our lunch in a restaurant nearby.

From here we will go to the next phase of our city tour of the day in which we will go to visit Lahore Walled City. Old City of Lahore was within a wall and were having thirteen gates out of which sixteen gates are still in good condition. Here we will start our tour from Delhi Gate and follow the Royal Passage and will visit Shahi Hammam (Royal Bath), Masjid Wazeer Khan, Narrow Streets of Lahore & Gurdwara Junam Asthan Guru Ram Das.

From here we will again go The Greater Iqbal Park to see the Musical Fountain Show.

At around 07:30 PM we will leave The Greater Iqbal Park and go to a restaurant for dinner.

After dinner we will come back to hotel at around 09:00 PM.

Breakfast will be served at around 08:00 AM. After having breakfast we will start our tour of the days at around 09:00 AM.

Our first stopover will be, 16th century built Shalimar Bagh, where we will reach at around 09:30 AM. (Garden). Here our stay will be one hour, after that we will move towards Lahore Museum at around 10:30 AM.

We will reach Lahore Museum at 11:15 AM. Lahore Museum was founded in 1864 in a smaller building and later in 1894 Lahore Museum was moved to its current location. Lahore Museum has a larges collection of Pre-Historic, Gandhara, Buddhist, Jane, Hindu, Mughal. Sikh & British eras.

Our Museum Tour will be two hours.

After Museum Tour we will go to a local restaurant for lunch.

After lunch guests will be taken to famous Anarkali Bazaar where they will have three hours for shopping traditional Pakistani costumes, jewelry and handicrafts.

After shopping tour, at around 05:30 PM, we will start moving back towards our hotel.

After reaching hotel guests will have time to take rest or to pack their luggage. At around 08:00 PM we will have our dinner.

Those who will have flights after mid night, will be taken to airport at around 11:00 PM

Those who will have early morning flights will be taken to the airport accordingly.

Those who want to go to India via Wahaga Border will be given drop-off at Wahaga Border.

This will be the end of tour


  • 1- Visa Assistance.
  • 2- Air Conditioned Transportation.
  • 3- Comfortable Accommodation.
  • 4- Three Meals Per Person Per Day.
  • 5- One Mineral Water Bottle Per Person Per Day.
  • 6- Experienced English & Punjabi Speaking Tour Guides.
  • 7- Entry Tickets.
  • 8- Permissions from Government of Pakistan if required.
  • 8- Tour Photography
  • 9- Basic First Aid
  • Optional :
  • 1- Travel Insurance.
  • 2- Private Security Arrangements.


  • 1- International Air Tickets
  • 2- Visa Fee
  • 3- Personal Shopping.
  • 4- Ironing & Laundry.
  • 5- Cold Drinks & Teas other then served with the meals.
  • 6- Anything Ordered from Rooms Service.
  • 7- Liquor
  • 8- Medical Services.
What will be the cost of the tour?

Cost of the tour is mainly based on the requirement of the group members.
Like what kind of hotels they want to use & how many person will share the the rooms. How many persons will be in the group?, Security arrangements, insurance services etc. Therefore we request you to send us email, along with your complete requirement, at info@rovercluster.com

Our staff will give you comprehensive quotation based on your requirements.

Do you assist in visa process?

Yes we do provide you complete facilitation, that will be required for the visa process.

Which kind of visa do we need for this tour?

Pakistan Government has relaxed its visa policies for the tourists & other categories as well.
Ever since Pakistan Government has introdued e-visa policy, it is much easier to get Pakistani visa for most of the nationalities.

In most of the cases tourist will fall into two visa categories

1- Tourist Pilgrim Visa
2- Tourist Visa

Please go through below link for both categories.

We will provide you Invitation Latter that will be the requirements in both cases



Is Rovers Cluster Travel & Tours is a registered company?

Yes Rovers Cluster Travel & Tours is a registered company by the Department of Tourist Services & having license # LHR-8581.

Will it be a Child Friendly tour?

Yes this tour is absolutely friendly for children and old age persons.
We can also arrange wheel chairs for the old age persons or persons having disabilities.

What kind of food we will have?

We can arrange both vegetarian & non-vegetarian food for you. All what is required is prior intimation.

Is Pakistan s safe country for tourists?

Unfortunately media around the world has negatively portrait Pakistan. Whereas Pakistan is as safe as any other touristic country of the world. People here are more friendly, hospitable & welcoming. Once you will be in Pakistan your perception will be completely changed.

There are many v-logs and blogs of many westerners available on internet, who have in the recent times visited Pakistan

What will be the weather in Pakistan?

Nature has gifted Pakistan with all four seasons that is Summers, Winters, Spring & Autumn.

As this particular tour will be around Pakistani Punjab therefore we can give you general weather conditions of Punjab.

November to February weather will be very cold like 18 Celsius maximum and 0 to minus 2 Celsius minimum.
March to April will be spring season and temperature during this season will be Maximum 28 Celsius and Minimum 20 Celsius
May to June will be the hot summer season when the mercury will rise up to maximum 45 Celsius and Minimum 30 to 35 Celsius.
July till September will be Hot Humid season when temperature may be dropped and maximum temperature will be 36 Celsius and minimum will be 28 to 30 Celsius, but it will be very much Humid because of Moon Soon Season.
October will be the Autumn Season and temperature will be around 32 Celsius maximum & 24 Celsius minimum,

Will Liquor be allowed in Pakistan?

Being a Muslim country liquor is not allowed. However foreigners or non-Muslims are exempted but they can not consume liquor public places, but many big hotels in Pakistan can provide you liquor in the designated areas of their hotel, after checking your passports or ID’s.

You can send your enquiry via the form below.

8 Days & 7 Nights Sikh Yatra in Pakistan
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