11 Days & 10 Nights Luxury Tour of Hunza (By Air)

Forbes Magazine has declared Pakistan among the “10 Coolest Places to Go in 2019”. This report is the reflection of the global confidence about Pakistan as a safe haven for tourists.

Northern Areas or North Pakistan attracts local tourists & international tourist every year. Many beautiful valleys, natural lakes and highest peaks of Northern Pakistan are still unexplored or very less explored, thus making it an exotic destination for the tourists.

Each valley in entire Northern Pakistan has its own cultural, geographical and climatic behaviors. The people of these regions have their own customs and traditions with typical costumes, folk dances, music and sports like Polo and Buzkashi. It also attracts the national and international tourists to an unforgettable experience of this heaven on earth. Here we have 14 peaks touching 8,000 meters worlds 2nd and 9th highest peaks like K2 & Nangaparbat are also located here, and due to this reason, these areas are also known as the Roof of the World. Longest glaciers out of the Polar Region like Baltoro, Biafo & Batura glaciers are located here. Lakes like Rush Lake, Karambar Lake & Sheosar Lake are parched at the altitude above 4000 meters.

For Trekkers, Northern Areas are offering treks from Easy to the Toughest levels, many of which are unspoiled and a daring challenge for the Trekkers.

For excursion tourists’ Northern areas have variety of scenic tourists spots which are breathtaking and heart capturing. Among these most popular destinations are Hunza, Attabad Lake, Khunjrab Pass, Skardu, Khaplu, Shigar, Kailash, Swat, Kaghan, Azad Kashmir & Chitral, which are attracting loads of tourists around the world.

Here we have designed an itinerary which will give a taste of adventure and excursion and takes you to the most picturesque places. This 12 Days & 8 Nights  journey will take you to to the historical & nature sites of Pakistan and will give the worth of your holidays.

This 11 days & 10 nights tour is designed for foreigners and overseas Pakistanis. Tour will give you the taste of history, nature sightseeing & adventure.

Tour will start & end at the capital city Islamabad. During this tour we will have return flight to Gilgit from Islamabad. Flight to Gilgit will be a lifetime experience when you will be passing through the world highest mountains. ATR aircraft will fly through Kaghan Valley where you will be able to see Musa Ka Musala (Prayer Rug of Musa), legendary Lake Saif-ul-Malook, Babusar Top & Nangaparbat mountain. Views from the flight will be fabulous.

From Gilgit our journey will be on jeeps along the Karakorum Highway. Trek will be a blend of adventure & excursion tour. While going to Fairy Meadows on a rough jeep trek & trekking towards Fairy Meadows & Nangabarbat Base Camp will give you touch of Adventure. We will touch the altitude of 16000 feet when we will reach  Khunjerab Pass (Pak-China border) after passing through world’s three great mountain ranges named Himalayas, Hindukush & Karakorum. While travelling towards Khunjerab Pass

Visit & views of Naltar, Attabad Lake, Borith Lake, Hopar, Hunza & Minapin will be exciting & will fill your memories with beautiful dreams.

<p>Our staff will welcome you at Islamabad airport & all the guests will be transferred to the hotels. After hotel check-in all the guests will go to their rooms for rest.</p><p></p><p>As this day if mainly depending upon the flight arrival time therefore it can be altered accordingly.</p><p></p><p>The guests who will arrive early morning will be taken to half day city tour of Islamabad in the evening and will cover Faisal Mosque and Saidpur Village for dinner.</p><p></p><p>Guests who will arrive on late evening or night flights will be take rest and will have dinner in the hotel.</p>

<p>After having early breakfast we will checkout from the hotel and move towards Islamabad International Airport to get the flight for Gilgit.</p><p>Will reach Islamabad Airport at around 08:00 AM.</p><p>Flight will depart from Islamabad International airport at 09:30 AM.</p><p>We will land at Gilgit Airport at 10:45 AM.</p><p>From airport we will go to our hotel in Gilgit where after check-in and some rest we will have lunch at around 01:00 PM.</p><p>After lunch we will move out for Gilgit city visit. Here we will see Buddhist Rocks at Kargah Nallah, Chinar Bagh </p><p> and Jamat Khana Bazar.</p><p>At around 07:30 PM we will have dinner.</p><p>After Dinner we will come back to hotel at around 09:00 PM for overnight stay.</p>

<p>After having breakfast at around 08:00 AM we will checkout from the hotel and start our journey at around 09:00 AM for Fairy Meadows.</p><p>First we will reach Raikot Bridge at around 10:30 AM. Here we will leave our private vehicle and get onto a local jeep to reach to Tattu village after travelling through a rough jeepable trek.</p><p>We will reach Tattu at around 12:00 PM.</p><p>From Tattu we will start trekking towards Fairy Meadows. Trek from Tattu to Fairy Meadows will be approximately 3 hours and during this trek we will gain approximately 1000 meters height. Trek passes through beautiful brich forest. Ultimately we will reach Fairy Meadows at around 03:00 PM.</p><p>Here after reaching we will have tea.</p><p>Our stay here will be in a camp site, where we will have two choices either tents or wooden huts.</p><p>Dinner will be served at around 08:00 PM</p>

<p>After having breakfast at around 08:00 AM we will start trekking towards the base camp of the worlds 9th highest mountain Nangaparbat (26,660 feet). Trek to the base camp is again through beautiful forest and a beautiful village Bial Camp. After Bial Camp we will cross Raikot Glaciers and finally we will reach Nangaparbat Base Camp ( 11,874 feet) at around 10:45 AM.</p><p>Here our stay will be 1 hour.</p><p>At around 11:45 AM we will start moving back to Fairy Meadows and will reach back at around 01:30 PM.</p><p>After reaching back we will have lunch , later we will have time to enjoy the beauty of the area.</p><p>At around 08:30 PM we will have BBQ & Bon Fire.</p><p></p>

<p>After breakfast we will start trekking back at around 09:00 AM and reach Tattu village at around 12:00 PM. From Tattu we will again get on the local jeep and follow the same trek back to Raikot Bridge.</p><p>At Raikot Bridge we will have lunch and later get onto our private vehicle which we have left here on the day 3 when we started our trek to Fairy Meadow.</p><p></p><p>From Raikot Bridge we will start moving towards our next destination Naltar.</p><p>Our journey from Raikot Bridge to Nomal will </p><p>on metaled Karakuram Highway road. From Nomal to Naltar road will be rough and suitable for 4x4 vehicles.</p><p>FInally we will reach Naltar at around 06:00 PM.</p><p>Naltar is a beautiful valley surrounded by pine trees and beautiful slopes and the villages on the way and in Naltar are full of potato fields & fruit trees.</p><p> After hotel check-in we will have time for rest or to enjoy the nature around Naltar.</p><p>Dinner will be served at around 08:00 PM</p>

<p>After having breakfast at around 08:00 AM we will check-out from the hotel and will leave for Naltar Lakes at around 09:00 AM. From Naltar to Naltar Lakes 1-hour jeep ride will be through a beautiful pine & birch forest and the streams flowing through the valley. There are three (3) lakes in Naltar which are different from each other in colors. First Lake will be Rainbow Lake which is green, second one will be blue in color & the third one is azure in color. But the first two are approachable by jeep (From November till early May even jeep trek is subject to the clearance of glaciers). Here our stay will be 1 hour. At around 11:00 PM we will start moving back from Naltar Lakes to Rakaposhi View Point at Gulmit where we have our lunch. At Rakaposhi View Point we will have clear views of 25,551 feet high, world’s 27th highest mountain Rakaposhi. Lunch break will be around 1 hour. From here we will move to famous Attabad Lake. We will reach Attabad Lake at around 03:30 PM. Attabad Lake is one of the most photographed lake of Pakistan, its blue waters attract many visitors each day. This lake was formed in the year 2010 as a result of massive landslide. Here we will spend 1 hour for boating and photography.</p><p>From here we will move to our final destination of the day named Borith Lake. Borith Lake is a salt water lake located in Gulmit. Lake is perched at the altitude of 8,500 feet. Here we can have views of 24,239 feet high Ultar Peak & 24,970 feet high Shispare Peak. We will reach here at around 05:30 PM. After hotel check-in we will have time for rest or to explore Borith Lake.</p><p>Dinner will be served at around 08:00 PM.</p><p></p>

<p>We will have our breakfast at around 08:00 AM. After breakfast we will check-out from the hotel and start our journey at 09:00 AM and move towards 16000 feet Khunjerab Pass, which will be the highest point of our tour. On the way we will stop at Passu Cones. Passu Cones are a unique natural formation of Rocky Mountains, where the mountain peaks are like the cones that are piercing the skies. Here we will have the views of Passu Glacier & Batura Glaciers. Here our stopover will be approximately thirty (30) minutes. After this we will resume our journey towards Khunjerab Pass. We will reach there at around 12:30 PM. Khunjerab Pass is a border between Pakistan & China and is also the highest boarder in the world. Peaks here are covered with snow & temperature might dropped below freezing at any time. We will stay here for 1 hour and later start moving back at around 01:30 PM. From here our next stopover will be the custom town of Sost, where we will have our lunch or tea with snacks. From Sost we will continue moving towards world re-known travel destination Hunza. We will reach Hunza at around 06:00 PM. Hunza beautiful town famous for its culture, architecture, natural landscapes, sceneries, fruits & shopping of its traditional items. Karimabad town of Hunza offers beautiful views of Rakaposhi, Diran Peaks, Lady Finger Peak & Ultar Peaks. Here after check-in we will have time for rest or to explore the markets of Hunza or to do shopping.</p><p>Dinner will be served at around 08:00 PM. </p><p></p><p></p>

<p>Breakfast will start at 08:00 AM. After breakfast we will leave our hotel at around 09:00 AM and go to visit 700 years old Baltit Fort. </p><p>Bultit Fort was built by the Mirs of Hunza. Bultit Fort has many parts which are preserved and are the masterpiece of Balti Craftmanship and heritage. Views of Hunza from the fort are stunning.</p><p>Our fort tour will be around 1 hour. From here we will again resume our journey at around 10:15 AM.</p><p>Our next destination will be Hopar Village, in Nagar District. Hopar village is approximately at a driving distance of 1 hour and 30 minutes away from Hunza. Hopar is a small beautiful village surrounded by the fields of potatoes and have the views of Hopar Glacier & Kapel Peak. Hopar is also the gateway to the highest lake of Pakistan named Rush Lake. Our stay in Hopar Village will be around 3 hours. During this time we will have our lunch in Hopar Village. At around 03:00 PM we will move back to Hunza.</p><p>In Hunza we will directly go to 11th century Altit Fort. Altit Fort is built on a rock and from here we will have beautiful views of Hunza River flowing on its foothill and Karakorum Highway. Outside this fort there is a beautiful Royal Garden which gives soothing effects to your eyes.</p><p>From Altit Fort we will go to Eagles Nest which is the highest point of Hunza from where you can shoot the best photo’s of Hunza at the sunset time.</p><p>From Eagles Nest we will come back to our hotel and have some rest before dinner at 08:00 PM</p><p></p>

<p>Today will be a relaxed day when we don’t have to travel much. After having breakfast at around 08:00 AM. We will check-out from the hotel at around 10:30 AM and move towards Minapin.</p><p>Minapin is a village on the streams flowing from Rakaposhi & Diran mountains. We will stay over night in a hotel along the banks of the stream. From Minapin we will have beautiful views of Rakaposhi & Diran Peaks. If someone wants to go to the base camp of Rakaposhi or Diran there are some treks that are going towards these base camps. It will take around 3 to four hours to reach there and same way back to Minapin. </p><p>At night we will again have BBQ & Bon Fire and will share the memories of our tour.</p><p></p>

<p>We will have early breakfast at around 06:00 AM and will checkout and leave hotel at around 07:00 AM</p><p>We will reach Gilgit Airport at around 08:30 AM and will check-in for flight that will depart from Gilgit airport at around 09:45 AM.</p><p>Flight will land at Islamabad Airport at around 10:50 AM, from where we will move to our hotel in Islamabad. We will reach our hotel at around 12:00 PM, where after hotel check-in we will take some rest before lunch at 01:00 PM. We will have 1 hour for lunch.</p><p>We will have half day city tour of Islamabad. In this tour we will cover Buddhist Cave of Shah Alla Ditta and later we will have dinner at Monal at Pir Sohawa. Monal is a place which offers most stunning views of Islamabad during night time.</p><p>After dinner we will move back to our hotel for overnight stay.</p><p></p>

<p>Schedule of final day is all depends on the flight departure time from Islamabad.</p><p></p><p>Those guests who will have flights early morning will check-out from the hotel after having breakfast and move to Islamabad International airport, where our staff will see off all the guests.</p><p></p><p>Those who will have late evening of late night flights will be taken to half day city tour after breakfast.</p><p></p><p>Here we will cover Faisal Mosque & Saidpur Village where we will have our lunch.</p><p></p><p>At around 03:30 PM we will reach our hotel & take rest or pack our luggage and finally move to airport based on the flight time.</p><p></p><p>This will be the end of our tour.</p>


  • Airport Pick & Drop.
  • Return Air Tickets From Islamabad Airport to Gilgit Airport.
  • Comfortable Prado Jeeps 6 Passengers Per Jeep
  • Accommodation on Twin Sharing Basis.
  • Three Meals a Day
  • 1 Night BBQ & Bonfire.
  • All Entry Tickets of Forts in Hunza & Khunjerab National Park.
  • Boating at Attabad Lake
  • Local Jeeps for Fairy Meadows.
  • Camps or Huts in Fairy Meadows.
  • Visa Assistance if Required.
  • Basic First Aid.


  • International Air Tickets.
  • Travel Insurance
  • Visa Fee
  • Personal Shopping
  • Anything Ordered from Room Service
  • Phone Calls
  • Medical Treatment.
  • Rescue Charges

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11 Days & 10 Nights Luxury Tour of Hunza (By Air)